We love cats!!! Cats are welcome. Our services for cats include bathing, brush-out, nail clipping, and a haircut (if needed).

  • Prices for full service baths and grooms are based on his/her weight and hair length.
  • Bath and brush: $40 - $50
  • Haircut with bath and brush: $80-90
  • Nail cut: $12 , Free with bath and bath and hair cut services

Regular Customers: Ask for the, Grooming Passport

We all know that the tiny lions and lionesses have more independent spirit. We have to accept it, so the grooming takes more time because we have to gain and keep their trust to avoid their suffering.

Furthermore, their fur require more attention and regular care, especially kitten’s hair which is particulary susceptible to matting, hairballs and shedding. The regular care – the bath and comb – is very important to keep the fur in excellent condition, maintain and improve the smoothness of the fur.